Sunday, 9 of May of 2021

Gemi Tipleri

Code Description
B* All B Types
BBU bulk carrier
BCB bulk carrier with container capacity
BCE bulk cement carrier
BOR bulk ore carrier
BWC wood-chip carrier
C* All C Types
CBO combined bulk and oil carrier
COO combined ore and oil carrier
D* All D Types
DBD bucket dredger
DCH cutter suction hopper dredger
DCS cutter suction dredger
DDR dredger
DGD grab dredger
DGH grab hopper dredger
DHD hopper dredger
DSD suction dredger
DSH suction hopper dredger
DSS sand suction dredger
DTD trailing suction dredger
DTS trailing suction hopper dredger
DZZ Dry Cargo Vessel (unspecified)
F* All F Types
FFC fish carrier
FFF fish factory
FFP fishery protection
FFS fishing (general)
FTR trawler (All types)
FWF whale factory
FWH whaler
G* All G Types
GCT cargo/training
GGC general cargo
GPC general cargo with container capacity
GRF reefer
L* All L Types
LCN Compressed Natural Gas Carrier
LFP floating gas production
LFS floating gas storage
LNG Liquid Natural Gas Carrier
LNP Combined LNG and LPG Gas Carrier
LPG Liquid Petroleum Gas Carrier
M* All M Types
MLV livestock
MPR passenger (cruise)
MVE vehicle carrier
N* All N Types
NAV Naval Vessel
NAX Naval Auxiliary Vessel
O* All O Types
OBA barge
OBS buoy ship/supply
OBY buoy ship
OCL cable ship
OCP cable pontoon
OCS crane ship
OCX crane barge
ODE depot ship
ODS diving support
OES exhibition ship
OFL floating crane
OFY ferry
OHB hopper barge
OHF hydrofoil
OHL semi-sub HL vessel
OHS hospital ship
OHT semi-sub HL/tank
OIB icebreaker
OIF icebreaker/ferry
OIS icebreaker/supply
OIT icebreaker/tender
OLC landing craft
OLT lighthouse/tender
OMN mining ship
OMS mission ship
OMT maintenance
OOS offshore safety
OPA patrol ship
OPC pollution control vessel
OPD paddle
OPI pilot ship
OPL pipe layer
OPO pontoon
OPP pipe carrier
ORD radio ship
ORN ro/ro pontoon
ORP repair ship
ORX repair barge
OSB storage barge
OSC sludge carrier
OSM submarine
OSP semi-sub pontoon
OSS storage ship
OSU support
OSV salvage
OSY supply
OSZ standby safety vessel
OTB tank barge
OTC tank cleaning ship
OTN tender
OTR training
OWA waste ship
OWO work ship
OYT yacht
P* All P Types
PRR passenger ro/ro
PZZ Passenger Vessel (unspecified)
R* All R Types
RHR hydrographic research
RMR meteorological research
ROR oceanographic research
RRB research/buoy ship
RRE research
RRS research/supply ship
RSR seismographic research
T* All T Types
TAC acid tanker
TAS asphalt tanker
TBK bunkering tanker
TCH chemical tanker
TCO Combined chemical and oil tanker
TCR crude oil tanker
TDP floating drilling production tanker
TEO edible oil tanker
TFJ fruit juice tanker
TFO fish oil tanker
TFP floating production tanker
TFS floating storage tanker
TMO molasses tanker
TNA naval auxiliary tanker
TPD product tanker
TTA Tanker (unspecified)
TWN wine tanker
TWT water tanker
U* All U Types
UBC barge container carrier
UBG barge carrier
UCC fully cellular containership
UCR fully cellular refrigerated
URC roll on roll off with container capacity
URR Roll On Roll Off
X* All X Types
XAA anchor handling salvage tug
XAF anchor handling fire fighting tug/supply
XAG anchor handling fire fighting tug
XAH anchor handling tug/supply
XAT anchor handling tug
XCT catamaran tug
XFF fire fighting tug
XFS fire fighting tug/supply
XFT fire fighting tractor tug
XPT pusher tug
XST salvage tug
XTG tug
XTI tug/icebreaker
XTP tug/pilot ship
XTR tractor tug
XTS tug/supply
XTT tug/tender
XTX tug/support
Y* All Y Types
YDP drill platform
YDS drill ship
Z* All Z Types
ZZZ Vessel Type (unspecified)